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To clarify, this is not a TEXTBOOK!

This is a Test Bank (Study Questions) to help you better prepare for your exams.

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To clarify, this is not a TEXTBOOK!
This is a Test Bank (Study Questions) which helps you better prepare for your tests and exams. Calculate with Confidence Test Bank 7th Edition by Deborah C. focuses on enhancing the learning experience of nursing students at all curricular levels by making content clinically applicable.
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ISBN-10: 0323396836
ISBN-13: 9780323396837
Authors: by Deborah C. Gray Morris RN, BSN, MA, LNC
The Test Bank for Calculate with Confidence, 7th Edition by Deborah C. Gray Morris, RN, BSN, MA, LNC emphasis on focuses on the increasing responsibility of the nurse in medication administration, prioritizes client safety with QSEN and includes updated content that reflects the current scope of practice. Study the latest most affordable Nursing Test Banks in Pharmacology today with no delay, and download instantly quick right after you checkout so you can make every study hour count anywhere!
Unit One: Math Review Pre-Test 1. Roman Numerals 2. Fractions 3. Decimals 4. Ratio and Proportion 5. Percentages Post-Test
Unit Two: Systems of Measurement 6. Metric System 7. Apothecary and Household Systems 8. Converting Within and Between Systems 9. Additional Conversions Useful in the Health Care Setting
Unit Three: Methods of Administration and Calculation 10. Medication Administration 11. Understanding and Interpreting Medication Orders 12. Medication Administration Records and Drug Distribution Systems 13. Reading Medication Labels 14. Dosage Calculation Using the Ratio and Proportion Method 15. Dosage Calculation Using the Formula Method 16. Dosage Calculation Using the Dimensional Analysis Method
Unit Four: Oral and Parenteral Dosage Forms, Insulin and Pediatric Dosage Calculations 17. Calculation of Oral Medications 18. Parenteral Medications 19. Reconstitution of Solutions 20. Insulin
Unit Five: Intravenous, Heparin, and Critical Care Calculations and Pediatric Dosage Calculations 21: Intravenous Solutions and Equipment 22. Basic Intravenous Calculations 23. Heparin Calculations 24. Critical Care Calculations 25. Pediatric and Adult Dosage Calculation Based on Weight


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