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Pathophysiology 7th Edition Jacquelyn Banasik Test Bank

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0323761550, 0323825486, 0323751504, 0323797687, 9780323761550, 9780323825481, 9780323751506, 9780323797689

Table of contents
1. Introduction to Pathophysiology
2. Homeostasis, Allostasis, and Adaptive Responses to Stressors
3. Cell Structure and Function
4. Cell Injury, Aging, and Death
5. Genome Structure, Regulation, and Tissue Differentiation
6. Genetic and Developmental Disorders
7. Neoplasia
8. Infectious Processes
9. Inflammation and Immunity
10. Alterations in Immune Function
11. Malignant Disorders of White Blood Cells
12. HIV Disease and AIDS
13. Alterations in Oxygen Transport
14. Alterations in Hemostasis and Blood Coagulation
15. Alterations in Blood Flow
16. Alterations in Blood Pressure
17. Cardiac Function
18. Alterations in Cardiac Function
19. Heart Failure and Dysrhythmias: Common Sequelae of Cardiac Diseases
20. Shock
21. Respiratory Function and Alterations in Gas Exchange
22. Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders
23. Restrictive Pulmonary Disorders
24. Fluid and Electrolyte Homeostasis and Imbalances
25. Acid–Base Homeostasis and Imbalances
26. Renal Function
27. Intrarenal Disorders
28. Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease
29. Disorders of the Lower Urinary Tract
30. Male Genital and Reproductive Function
31. Alterations in Male Genital and Reproductive Function
32. Female Genital and Reproductive Function
33. Alterations in Female Genital and Reproductive Function
34. Sexually Transmitted Infections
35. Gastrointestinal Function
36. Gastrointestinal Disorders
37. Alterations in Function of the Gallbladder and Exocrine Pancreas
38. Liver Diseases
39. Endocrine Physiology and Mechanisms of Hypothalamic-Pituitary Regulation
40. Disorders of Endocrine Function
41. Diabetes Mellitus
42. Alterations in Metabolism and Nutrition
43. Structure and Function of the Nervous System
44. Acute Disorders of Brain Function
45. Chronic Disorders of Neurologic Function
46. Alterations in Special Sensory Function
47. Pain
48. Neurobiology of Psychotic Illnesses
49. Neurobiology of Nonpsychotic Illnesses
50. Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System
51. Alterations in Musculoskeletal Function: Trauma, Infection, and Disease
52. Alterations in Musculoskeletal Function: Rheumatic Disorders
53. Alterations in the Integumentary System
54. Burn Injuries

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Pathophysiology 7th Edition Jacquelyn Banasik Test Bank
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