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The Psychiatric Interview 4th Edition Carlat Test Bank


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Initial Interview: A Preview
Chapter 2: Logistic Preparations: What to Do Before the Interview
Chapter 3: The Therapeutic Alliance: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Establish It
Chapter 4: Asking Questions I: How to Approach Threatening Topics
Chapter 5: Asking Questions II: Tricks for Improving Patient Recall
Chapter 6: Asking Questions III: How to Change Topics with Style
Chapter 7: Techniques for the Reluctant Patient
Chapter 8: Techniques for the Overly Talkative Patient
Chapter 9: Techniques for the Malingering Patient
Chapter 10: Techniques for the Adolescent Patient1
Chapter 11: Interviewing Family Members and Other Informants
Chapter 12: Techniques for Other Challenging Situations
Chapter 13: Practical Psychodynamics in the Diagnostic Interview
Chapter 14: Obtaining the History of Present Illness
Chapter 15: Obtaining the Psychiatric History
Chapter 16: Screening for General Medical Conditions
Chapter 17: Family Psychiatric History
Chapter 18: Obtaining the Social and Developmental History Section III: Interviewing for Diagnosis: The Psychiatric Review of Symptoms
Chapter 19: How to Memorize the DSM-5 Criteria
Chapter 20: Interviewing for Diagnosis: The Art of Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 21: Mental Status Examination
Chapter 22: Assessing Suicidal and Homicidal Ideation
Chapter 23: Assessing Mood Disorders I: Depressive Disorders
Chapter 24: Assessing Mood Disorders II: Bipolar Disorder
Chapter 25: Assessing Anxiety, Obsessive, and Trauma Disorders
Chapter 26: Assessing Alcohol Use Disorder
Chapter 27: Assessing Psychotic Disorders
Chapter 28: Assessing Neurocognitive Disorders (Dementia and Delirium)
Chapter 29: Assessing Eating Disorders and Somatic Symptom Disorder
Chapter 30: Assessing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Chapter 31: Assessing Personality Disorders Section
Chapter 32: How to Educate Your Patient
Chapter 33: Negotiating a Treatment Plan
Chapter 34: Writing Up the Results of the Interview

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Test Bank for The Psychiatric Interview by Carlat Edition 4
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